Alterna coaching programmes enable you to overcome personal barriers and boundaries, bring all team members to targeted use of their best abilities and support them to fulfil their tasks in the best way.

One on one

In practice, it is often the case that making the decision to attend coaching is the most difficult part of the change process. Showing interest in this topic is the first successful step towards your further development, because you show readiness and motivation to solve challenges and discover your potential. The trust and relationship we build together in this process is the key to ultimate success. 1 on 1 coaching is focused on you as an individual and on you achieving better results and personal development.

Group coaching

Unlike 1 on 1 coaching, where the focus is on the individual and his personal development, with group coaching we also focus on personal goals by forming small groups (2 to 5 participants) with similar interests. An additional benefit is the mutual exchange of experiences of participants. Group coaching is intended for everyone who wants to achieve top results and find solutions to the challenges and obstacles they face.


Group coaching also focuses on teams of companies that need guidance in perceiving and visualising a common goal. Team coaching is extremely beneficial for new teams or teams that went through changes and it allows team members to stay motivated and focused on a common goal.

Zoom coaching

Coaching sessions can be realised LIVE via the ZOOM application. Individual sessions are arranged on a weekly basis in accordance with the availability of the participants. Group and team coaching can also be realized via the ZOOM application.

You can follow the premium programmes of the Academy LIVE via ZOOM.







Alterna International Coaching programmes:

Business development

Create a clear business vision – under the licence of Focal Point

Create a clear business vision – under the licence of Focal Point

Coaching for building a solid business foundation, creating a vision, mission and values, setting goals, strategic planning and measuring your business, analysing constraints and studying customers and competition.

This coaching will steer your business in the desired direction and help you achieve your goals more efficiently.

Coaching modules:

  • Know yourself
  • Know your company
  • Determine your starting point
  • Create your personal and strategic plan
  • Define your business
  • Study your competition
  • Know your customers
  • Identify your areas of excellence
  • Remove your limitations
  • Locate yourself on the Sigmoid curve
  • 10 Goals method
  • Trust the superconscious mind
  • Mindstorming

Increase business efficiency – under the licence of Focal Point

Coaching for increasing productivity, managing priorities, effective delegation, and using the law of comparative advantage.

This coaching will improve the efficiency of your business with the help of proven principles that have given results in companies around the world.

Coaching modules:

  • Establish a “group of experts”
  • Eleven keys to increasing productivity
  • Focus your time: Pareto principle
  • Focus your time: Zero-based thinking
  • Focus your time: Urgent and important
  • Effective delegation: Ten key principles
  • Effective delegation: Customise your delegation styles
  • Leverage principle
  • Simplification: Reengineer your company
  • Simplification: Occam’s razor
  • Ricardo’s law of comparative advantage

Parthenon principle

Accelerate the growth of your business – under the licence of Focal Point

Coaching for increasing revenue through getting referrals, corporate and personal branding, and increasing sales results

This coaching will give you seven ways to increase your revenue and customer satisfaction through your marketing presence in the market.

Coaching modules:

  • Seven ways to increase revenue
  • Four levels of customer satisfaction
  • Getting referrals
  • Seven P’s of marketing: Part one
  • Seven P’s of marketing: Part two
  • Power of branding: Part one – Corporate branding
  • Power of branding: Part two – Personal branding
  • Superstar selling: Part one – Prospecting
  • Superstar selling: Part two – Presentation
  • Superstar selling: Part three – Closing
  • Profit curve
  • Strategic business units

Increase your sales revenue – under the licence of Focal Point

Sales skills coaching that will guide you through the sales process in a systematic and efficient way.

Define and find your ideal customer, present a solution, overcome the objection and close the sale.

Coaching modules:

  • Define your ideal potential customer – Three key questions
  • Define your ideal potential customer – Additional key questions
  • Six sources of new potential customers
  • Seven additional sources of new potential customers
  • Establish rapport
  • Find the problem
  • Present the solution – Ask good questions
  • Present the solution – Answer the unspoken questions
  • Overcoming objections – Timing is crucial
  • Overcome six basic objections
  • Overcome four additional basic objections
  • Closing the sale – 5 demands of closing
  • Closing the sale – 5 additional demands of closing
  • Closing the sale – Avoid these 5 mistakes
  • Closing the sale – Overcoming 4 main obstacles
  • Closing the sale – 7 buying signals
  • Closing the sale – 4 sales closing techniques
  • Closing the sale – 3 additional techniques for closing the sale

Strengthen your leadership impact – under the licence of Focal Point

This coaching will help you strengthen your strategy and easily manage stressful situations by applying the principles and skills of top leaders around the world.

“There are no bad soldiers under a good general.” – Napoleon

Coaching modules:

  • Formulate your purpose
  • Determine your values
  • Define your mission
  • Explain your vision
  • Determine your strategy: Part One – Think Strategically
  • Determine your strategy: Part Two – Perform a SWOT analysis
  • Determine your strategy: Part Three – Identify driving forces
  • Determine your strategy: Part Four – Analyse your competition
  • Simplification with 7 R’s
  • Personal leadership: Stress management
  • Personal leadership: Take responsibility
  • Execution

Structogram, key to self-knowledge – under the licence of Structogram Training System

Coaching modules:

  • Define your innate potential
  • Improve your relations with different people
  • Improve your way of thinking and working
  • Improve your time and priority management
  • Improve your sales skills through Structogram