A look into the past brought trust

- the basic value that guides us gor a long-term, quality and healthy relationship that provides growth. We trust and others trust in us.

From day one, we have been building trust in our team and methods with the successes our clients achieve. Through 11 years of business and work with more than 120 companies, we have shown that Alterna is a successful strategic partner in achieving the goals of individuals and companies. Soon after its establishment, Alterna International became the holder of the regional Master License for business skills development programmes Brian Tracy Global and Focal Point Coaching, programmes that are a result of decades of research of the world's most prestigious scientific institutions and applicable to all learning styles.

Looking at the present has brought reliability

- clients said we are a reliable partner in achieving their goals.

Does what we do give tangible value to our clients and bring results? More than 39,000 participants and over 1,500 trainings so far give a clear answer to both questions - YES. Our clients are absolutely sure that after completing the selected programme, the goal they set will be achieved. In working with clients, we become part of the team, we get to the heart of the business and every individual we work with and give approaches, ways and tools that are easily applicable and give a wide range of results that in any case mean only one thing - success.

Looking to the future brings commitment

– we are dedicated to continuous learning, work of each client, each training individually.

Small changes today are big changes tomorrow. Every new minute we enter is a future that brings changes and innovations. That is why we continuously follow trends, translate them into new approaches and ways of working and turn them into a key advantage that our clients use to achieve leadership positions. Leaders create leaders and that is why we are committed to the goal of remaining the best at what we do, fully committed to each client and each training individually.

Alterna International Team

Meet people who will help you gain a winning edge in your industry


Brian Tracy Global


We base our work on the experience and knowledge of one of the world leaders in education and development of companies whose education systems include the areas of personal attitude, engagement, leadership, culture, sales, productivity, communication and performance.



Programme based on essential knowledge of yourself and others, through which we serve models of realistic setting and achieving of personal goals, but also communication and work with others, through which you achieve the best results.

Focal Point Coaching


Through our work, we convey the approach and results of the FocalPoint Coaching system, which is a framework for business growth with more than 30 years of successful implementation in thousands of companies around the world.


Success stories are best told by the successes of our clients

Our approach

To success in 3 steps

  • 1

    We listen to you

    Together we define the improvements that need to be achieved. We then design an approach and training structure for your teams and individuals.

  • 2

    We implement the programme

    In coordination with you, we implement a training programme in your company or in the premises of the training centre Alterna International.

  • 3

    We help with implementation

    We provide practical methods on how to implement the learned skills in the work processes and achievement of the desired results.