Every Alterna story is a success story of clients

A look into the past brought trust

- the basic value that guides us gor a long-term, quality and healthy relationship that provides growth. We trust and others trust in us.

From day one, we have been building trust in our team and methods with the successes our clients achieve. Through 11 years of business and work with more than 120 companies, we have shown that Alterna is a successful strategic partner in achieving the goals of individuals and companies. Soon after its establishment, Alterna International became the holder of the regional Master License for business skills development programmes Brian Tracy Global and Focal Point Coaching, programmes that are a result of decades of research of the world's most prestigious scientific institutions and applicable to all learning styles.

Looking at the present has brought reliability

- clients said we are a reliable partner in achieving their goals.

Does what we do give tangible value to our clients and bring results? More than 39,000 participants and over 1,500 trainings so far give a clear answer to both questions - YES. Our clients are absolutely sure that after completing the selected programme, the goal they set will be achieved. In working with clients, we become part of the team, we get to the heart of the business and every individual we work with and give approaches, ways and tools that are easily applicable and give a wide range of results that in any case mean only one thing - success.

Looking to the future brings commitment

– we are dedicated to continuous learning, work of each client, each training individually.

Small changes today are big changes tomorrow. Every new minute we enter is a future that brings changes and innovations. That is why we continuously follow trends, translate them into new approaches and ways of working and turn them into a key advantage that our clients use to achieve leadership positions. Leaders create leaders and that is why we are committed to the goal of remaining the best at what we do, fully committed to each client and each training individually.

Alterna International Team

Meet people who will help you gain a winning edge in your industry

Darko Mirkovic Darko Mirkovic is a renowned consultant, motivational speaker and business skills coach with extensive practical experience. Over twelve years of working with people as a coach, he has built a strong belief that we can all unleash more personal potential if we want to.
His seminars were attended by over 30,000 people, he held over 1,200 business skills trainings for various companies, with a focus on the banking and insurance sector.
Setting goals, a detailed plan and steps to achieve them, continuous work on oneself, now form the basis for his vision and motto: Believe and Achieve.
Recognising a commitment to the same values, goals, and professional ethics, Darko’s work was supported by Mr Brian Tracy, one of the greatest leaders in the field of development of human potential. Alterna International, founded by Darko, has become the holder of the regional Master Licence for Brian Tracy Global business skills development programmes for Serbia, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and Macedonia. By obtaining this license, it was transformed into Alterna International - powered by Brian Tracy Global.
Darko is the first licenced trainer for the Structogram -Training System in Serbia.
In times of crisis, he puts education first because he believes that attitude, knowledge and skills are the three key parameters for survival and development.
Darko Mirkovic
Biljana Pesic Biljana Pesic is a training and development director, a consultant and a trainer of business skills with a lot of knowledge from practice. She specialises in the field of business skills training, with an emphasis on strategic leadership and sales.

Biljana has many years of professional experience in the banking sector (Raiffeisen Bank, Procredit Bank, Erste Bank, Societe Generale) during which she worked in various positions: managing large teams, working with small, medium and large companies, loan finalisation, acquisition of new clients, planning and implementation of sales activities, coordination of marketing campaigns through sales channels, selection and training of teams within banks, internal training with employees, communication with international clients with a focus on sales and training. In her career, she has held over 600 business skills trainings.

She leaves a strong positive impression, educating students in training for specific business skills, immediately applicable in practice. With her attitude, self-confidence and authority, she motivates the participants to actively participate in the training, always giving their maximum.
Biljana has five successful generations of students of the Academy of Strategic Leadership under her belt and she welcomes the next generation with the same enthusiasm and readiness.
Her passion is training people and sharing experiences.
Biljana Pesic
Veronika Tasić Vušurović Veronika Tasic Vusurovic is a strategic advisor, business consultant, business skills coach and mentor.
For the past two decades, she has advised and worked with leaders and management teams on strategy, sales, marketing and all things client-related. She has collaborated with leading companies and organisations in telecommunications, manufacturing industries, retail chains, financial sector, transport and logistics, pharmacy, the public sector and many other industries.

Veronika believes that business skills and technical knowledge are two sides of the same winning medal and that this is the right way for every person to grow into a leader of the future. She has held over 100 trainings on the main topics of leadership, communication and public speaking, business networking, strategic and creative thinking, holding high-value meetings and workshops, problem solving using hypotheses, cultural differences in business, building a personal brand and organisation and mindfulness at work.

She collaborates with many startup companies as a mentor, has been on juries in many student business competitions and is an active member in organisations such as World.Minds, DLD, SAM and alumni organisations MIB Trieste, HEC, eCornell, #iamremarkable.
Veronika Tasic Vusurovic
Dušanka Talić Dusanka has many years of experience in managerial positions primarily in the financial sector. Her career began at ITM where she worked in the planning and analysis sector. After a successful career as a CFO at Wurth, Dusanka founded INTERISK, which she sold to the Austrian company Greco in 2016, retaining the position of general manager of the company.

With the strategic acquisition of the company by a leading Austrian brokerage, she strengthened the company's position in the market of Southeast Europe.

Once a member of the national team, she is still active in the sports field. Direct and cheerful with an impressive business experience, Dusanka is an interesting interlocutor from whom much can be learned.
Dusanka Talic
Djordje Djokic So far, Djordje Djokic has shared his 20 years of entrepreneurial experience in sales, education and management with almost 20,000 people through nearly 500 seminars, trainings and workshops held on the topic of finance, sales, management and business skills. He started his career working in an Austrian brokerage company, after which he founded his own consulting agency and then became a partner and director in several brokerage and consulting companies.

His motto is Average Makes No Sense. This is also the reason why his lectures and trainings always contain an innovative approach to the topic. With his direct and modern approach to education, Djordje keeps the listeners active, and the knowledge he shares with them is easily applicable.

He is most proud that today, after 20 years spent in the field of training, raising and building sales teams and coaching, his students are in leading positions in the sales channels of insurance companies, brokerage firms, banks and other sales organisations.
Djordje Djokic
Milica Vuk As the first employee of the company, Milica inspires others with her loyalty to continue on her path. She joined Darko in 2016 on the victorious path to the realisation of the company's vision, which today is one of the leading companies in the field of education.
Milica is a marketing manager, in charge of developing the company's visual identity, digital marketing and coordination in the company.

All colleagues can rely on her, she is always ready to contribute to joint activities. Her name is most often mentioned in offices, she is a great support to everyone in the company.
Milica Vuk
Biljana Pavlovic Biljana Pavlović is the company’s Business Office Assistant, the so-called heart of the company.
Thanks to her organisational skills and logistical support, every training is impeccably organised.
Biljana is the person you will most often talk to over the phone or contact by e-mail. She has many years of experience in digital printing and direct work with clients.

Always pleasant and kind, she will be happy to answer all your inquiries regarding Altera's programmes.
Biljana Pavlovic
Anita Todorovic
Anita Todorovic is the Manager for the development of training and digital learning with extensive professional experience in various industries, primarily in the banking sector. She focused her career on human resource development and has spent more than eight years in the HR world. Employee training and development are her biggest motivations.

She is in charge of implementing e-learning platforms, developing and designing trainings and various innovative ways of learning. She follows trends and is currently researching AI as the latest learning method.

She is always ready to help her colleagues, find a solution, take action, she never lacks ideas and humour. She is cheerful, smiling, positive and ready for work challenges every day.
Anita Todorovic
Divna Majstorovic Divna Majstorovic is the financial administrator at Alterna International.
Divna successfully implements many years of experience gained in the financial sphere of leading insurance companies and selflessly shares her knowledge with her colleagues at Alterna. Although the financial regulations change very often, Divna follows them with ease because she does a job that fulfills her.

If a challenge of financial nature needs to be solved, it is always available, ready to offer a solution with a smile and patience.
Divna Majstorovic
Aleksandra Gvozdenov As a consultant for public relations and organisation of events, Aleksandra Gvozdenov, together with the founder, has been building the company and its reputation from day one. If you follow us on social networks, you have the opportunity to see the content she creates. She is in charge of event organisation and reputation management.

Aleksandra is an independent consultant for event organisation and communication, specialising in reputation and identity management, social media communication and crisis communication. Known among colleagues as the "protocol master", she is disciplined, authoritative and above all consistent. She especially values two things in the field of work: professionalism and integrity.
Aleksandra Gvozdenov


Brian Tracy Global


We base our work on the experience and knowledge of one of the world leaders in education and development of companies whose education systems include the areas of personal attitude, engagement, leadership, culture, sales, productivity, communication and performance.



Programme based on essential knowledge of yourself and others, through which we serve models of realistic setting and achieving of personal goals, but also communication and work with others, through which you achieve the best results.

Focal Point Coaching


Through our work, we convey the approach and results of the FocalPoint Coaching system, which is a framework for business growth with more than 30 years of successful implementation in thousands of companies around the world.


Success stories are best told by the successes of our clients

Our approach

To success in 3 steps

  • 1

    We listen to you

    Together we define the improvements that need to be achieved. We then design an approach and training structure for your teams and individuals.

  • 2

    We implement the programme

    In coordination with you, we implement a training programme in your company or in the premises of the training centre Alterna International.

  • 3

    We help with implementation

    We provide practical methods on how to implement the learned skills in the work processes and achievement of the desired results.