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The Seven Mental Principles to High Performance


You have within you the ability to be, have and do far more than ever before. Throughout the ages, ordinary men and women have risen to great heights and accomplished extraordinary things. By learning and applying the principles that these men and women have used, you can achieve vastly more than perhaps you may have ever imagined.

Throughout the ages, the underlying laws and principles of happiness, prosperity and peak performance have been researched and studied by some of the greatest thinkers that have ever lived. We now know that the average person has talents and abilities vastly beyond any they may have ever used before. In this lesson, you will learn about the seven mental principles, some of which go back more than 5,000 years, that are used by all high performing men and women to accomplish extraordinary things. You will learn how to apply these laws and principles in every part of your life. You will learn how you can quickly move to peak performance in everything you do.

Lesson duration: 36 minutes

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