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The Manager, Coach and Confidant


Your people are your most precious resource. Only your people can be made to appreciate in value. All other resources and corporate assets depreciate over time. The fastest and most effective way to increase the productivity and performance of your people is for you to give them timely and relevant coaching and counseling at the proper times in their careers. People cannot grow without honest, objective feedback and instruction from someone who can look at their performance and tell them exactly how they are doing. Each person needs feedback and counseling from someone he or she respects and trusts in order to improve and to get better at the work. Many average people have become star performers for their organizations as the result of a manager taking the time to guide them and instruct them on how to improve in critical areas of their work.

In this program, you will learn how to give timely and accurate coaching and counseling to each of your staff members on a regular basis.

Lesson duration: 25 minutes

By activating the registration link you have access to the lesson for 10 days.

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