The Formula for Strategic Planning

The most effective leaders and managers are the best thinkers. Since both management and leadership require mental skills and tools far more than physical skills and abilities, the very best managers and leaders have more mental tools at their disposal.

Your ability to analyze each situation accurately and then to make high quality decisions based on your analysis is the true measure of your skill and ability as an executive. The good news is that any specific method of strategic planning, which includes practical, proven tools of analysis and decision making is superior to no method or to a random approach.

In this program, you are going to learn a method that resembles the combination to a lock. Once you have the right numbers in the right order, you can open the lock.

Once you have the right keys in the right sequence to strategic planning, you can apply them to any product, service or situation in your organization. The five part method you will learn is used in some of the world’s most effective and profitable corporations and organizations. It will dramatically increase your ability to think effectively about your company and your situation.

Lesson duration: 27 minutes

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