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Seven Steps to Goal Achievement


High achieving men and women use a series of systematic processes and plans to achieve their goals. Unsuccessful men and women, on the other hand, throw themselves at their goals in a random way and are always surprised that they accomplished so little. Any plan is better than no plan. In this lesson you will learn the most powerful goal-achieving process ever developed. This process has been used by literally millions of men and women to accomplish extraordinary things in life. The process of goal-achieving, following up on the process of goal-setting, is one of the most powerful skills that you can ever develop. With this skill, you can achieve virtually any goal that you can set for yourself in your personal or business life.

You can learn any skill that you need to learn to achieve any goal that you set for yourself. There are several steps to this goal-achieving process and you can learn each of these steps via repetition and practice, until you master the entire process. When you learn how to set and achieve goals as naturally as breathing in and breathing out, you will accomplish more, in a shorter period of time, than you can presently imagine.

Lesson duration: 26 minutes

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