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Making the Best Decision


Your ability to think determines your success as a person and as a manager more than any other single skill you have. All of your abilities to think are measured by your abilities to make good decisions. The entire course of human destiny has been changed by the person in charge of making either good or poor decisions at the critical moment.

Making better decisions is very similar to learning a mechanical skill. It is the result of learning the process through practice and repetition until you apply the key skills automatically to every decision-making situation. The mistake of the average person is to assume causality between two things that happen at the same time and to jump to conclusions. To make decisions quickly and with little thought. Poor decisions lie at the root of virtually every failure. Excellent decisions are the foundation of virtually every great success.

In this program, you will learn how to make better decisions, faster than perhaps ever before. This one skill alone can virtually guarantee great success for you as a manager and as an executive.

Lesson duration: 35 minutes

By activating the registration link you have access to the lesson for 10 days.

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