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How Excellent Leaders Lead


The job of the leader is to get results through others. Since every person is different in some way, and often in many ways, the very best leaders are those who have the greatest flexibility in their styles of working with other people.

Your ability to get the very most out of the people who report to you is a key measure of your effectiveness as an executive. When you take the time to think about who you are working with and what it is you need for them to do, you will invariably use the best tools, techniques and methods to maximize the performance and productivity of the other person.

The very best leaders are those who can elicit extraordinary performance from ordinary people.

The purpose of organizations is to maximize strengths and make weaknesses irrelevant. Your ability to combine a group of people into a high performance team is the most important single quality you can develop for maximum results and continuous personal and professional growth.

In this program, you will learn how to manage your personal style in such a way that you get the very best out of each person who reports to you.

Lesson duration: 26 minutes

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