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Creating a Great Place to Work


The average person works at 50% or less of their potential. This means that the greatest improvement and performance in results can come from unlocking and unleashing the latent potential of the average person who reports to you. Top managers are those who can create an environment where peak performance takes place. This requires simultaneously putting all the known motivators in place while removing the demotivators that inhibit performance.

The very best organizations are far more productive and profitable than average organizations in the same industry. These organizations are characterized as “a great place to work.” They are also characterized as “high trust” environments where people feel terrific about themselves and their work.

In this program, you are going to learn the most important ideas ever discovered to help you to create a high trust environment of your own where peak performance takes place every single day.

Lesson duration: 31 minutes

By activating the registration link you have access to the lesson for 10 days.

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