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Coping With Difficult People


The job of the manager is to get things done through others. Your selection of the “others” is absolutely essential to your success. Your ability to “deselect” those who are not capable of doing the job in a competent and timely fashion is equally essential to your success as a manager. The most stressful part of a manager’s life is having to let someone go. The second most stressful part of a manager’s life is being let go. The fact is, however, that if you do not get some experience with the first, you will get some experience with the second.

Taking people on and letting them go, hiring and firing, is like breathing in and breathing out, like inhaling and exhaling in our fast moving business world. The very fact that you know inside that you can let someone go if they don’t work out makes you a much more effective manager and makes you much more influential and persuasive in dealing with performance problems.

In this program, you will learn some simple ideas you can use to deselect people who are not capable of making a contribution that exceeds their cost. This is an absolutely essential management skill that you can then use competently for the rest of your business career.

Lesson duration: 35 minutes

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